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Richard Young, Ph.D.

Richard Young is Founder and President of Driving Safety Consulting, LLC. He consults for  companies, governments, and lawyers on driving safety issues,  particularly cell phone use and crashes. He recently began a major new  project on autonomous vehicle safety.

Richard  Young is a cognitive neuroscientist by training. His current specialty  is expert witness testimony concerning his research evidence that cell  phone conversation does not increase crash risk in real-world driving.  He also recently began a major new project on using epidemiological  methods to investigate autonomous vehicle safety.

Richard Young  has 35 years experience in automotive-related research and development.  He was a research scientist and engineer at GM for 25 years, lastly  as GM's global leads in driver distraction and driver vision. He was  then a Research Professor at Wayne State University, with joint  appointments in the School of Medicine and the College of Engineering,  for 10 years.

(Note: Driving Safety Consulting is not a driving school.)


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